3 Way's to Make Family Formals Actually Enjoyable

  1. Make sure everyone is prepared.

    Before the wedding sit down with your fiance and decide which family formal combinations are most important to you. I give my clients a fill in the blank questionnaire that includes the most popular combo’s. Once your photographer draws up your timeline make sure they include when you’re going to take which family photos, where. I like to advise my couples to send the timeline and family formal list to the wedding party and family members prior to the wedding day. It may be a good idea to remind them to at the rehearsal dinner to look at them again. My clients fill it out and on the wedding day I have a physical copy with me, crossing off combos off as we go along. GRAB A COPY OF MY LIST HERE.

  2. Separate them throughout the day, before and after ceremony.

    If the couple is not going to do a first look, then I like to do her side and his side of family formals before the ceremony, that way after the ceremony I only have to do the combos that include both the bride and groom. If they do decide to do a first look I like to get them all done beforehand if we have time, but if we don’t have enough time, then we do what we can before and save the rest for after the ceremony.

  3. Ask your photographer to snap a few candid’s.

    I like to get just at least 2-3 candids during family formals. This will make the standing still and smiling a little more fun. If there’s a special, fun photo you want on your wedding day, make sure to tell your photographer, so they can make a note on their list.