What To Wear For Photoshoots

This may be the number one question I get as a photographer. What should I wear to our session?? Well here’s my best advice on what to wear to your shoot and what to avoid.




This is always my first response to this question.  I know it can be tempting, or even pressuring, to feel like you need the perfect ‘look’ or ‘coordinated outfit’ for a shoot, but more often than not, that causes more stress than relief. Trust me when I say that if you feel uncomfortable, it is the first thing that I notice through my lense.  This isn’t the time to pick the high-maintenance, off-the-shoulder top that more-often-than-not has to be adjusted constantly. I want you to pick something that you love and that brings you comfort, because you will be that much more relaxed during a session, and that is what will reflect well in your photos.  I love to add movement into my posing, so things that breathe, that you can walk and play in are perfect! 



Fashion accessories can be super fun to incorporate into an outfit, and even encouraged when used sparingly, and they don’t pull focus away from you.  Colorful earrings, a cute hat, cardigan, accent booties, these are all examples of things that pop when paired with a neutral color. However, wearing your tassel earrings, paired with a hat, matching belt buckle, and plaid shirt, will pull the attention everywhere in the photo. Even two special accessories can be two too many for the photo. Keep it simple, because chances are the background of the photo will also have a little detail that could contradict a flower headband/beaded necklace combo.  



Colors and patterns are a common way that people choose to express themselves, and that can go one way or they other in a session. I love olives, maroons, blush, blacks, and navy blues on my clients. Those colors seems to compliment most people's skin tones the best. Same goes for patterns, a simple plaid, floral, or stripes is okay for one person in a family but, louder patterns, or colors in the neon or bright family, are distracting.  If you have the choice between similar shades, always go with the softer option. Trust me when I say that mustard yellow is going to translate better than that bright lemon top hanging in your closet. I want your expressions to be the one speaking through the photo, not your clothes. I know that I also said something about coordinated outfits before, and in no way am I discouraging you from choosing that route. It can be eclectic and tie a family together nicely.  Where I see a lot of people go wrong is when they try to pick the exact same color for every person. Coordinating or complementing colors are a great compromise. If you feel like you can’t think of a good color palette, look up ideas in pinterest!

There you go, my advice for what to wear to a photo shoot!  Just remember that it is your personality and you that I want to capture, and the more at ease you are, the more fun it will be.  Ultimately, it is what you want and what makes you feel good about yourself!