10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

1. Flowers will always brighten my day. Always. I love sunflowers, peonies, gerber daises, small white daisies, carnations, poppy's, anything but roses and orchids. 

2. I don’t enjoy large parties or group socialization-which is odd because I shoot weddings for a living. I truly believe I'm an introverted extrovert. I love people and I also need my alone time, but if I have too much alone time I get really sad. I'm kinda like a dog, if you leave me alone with myself too long, I'll probably pee on the carpet or chew your shoes. 

3. I'll take the mountains over the beach any day. Being snuggled up in a coat with a beanie and boots sounds like the perfect day. I could never live by the beach. Somehow you are sticky, and wet and sandy and cold and hot all at the same time. No thank you! 

4. I love 60’s rock, Bob Dylan in particular. 

5. I am TV junkie. The Office, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, New Girl, Parenthood, This is Us, CSI:Las Vegas. . I love shows about real people and real stories. 

6. I cook out of necessity not out of desire. There are only a hand few of meals that I like to cook. That includes Mac n Cheese, Chicken Cacciatore, Cereal, Pancakes and Soup. 

7. Some days i do get stressed about my job. Some nights I have bad dreams where I forget my memory cards, or all of my batteries are dead or I am 2 hours late. 

8. I have no interest or craving for alcohol or coffee. This is the hardest thing to explain and people constantly tell me that I'll crave it later in life but I just don't see myself wanting it. I love tea and I'm happy with an arnold palmer. 

9. I'm crazy good at catch phrase...like crazy good. Try me. 

10. I can quote pretty much every episode of the office....and even after knowing all the lines, the show still makes me laugh out loud. 



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