san diego photographer

Hey! It’s Frankie!

I love to take silly photos with my 12 nieces and nephews. I'm obsessed with our mini golden doodle named Larry and my husband Joe is my very best friend. We love to watch The Office, hang out with friends, and play games. I'm a tea girl, with milk and lots of sugar! I love to make homemade mac n cheese and chocolate chip cookies. My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer(mostly lemonade though). I'm not a morning person or a night person. I like to sleep in and go to bed early. You'll probably never find me at the gym but you'll probably find me at sprouts sampling gummy bears out of the barrel. I love Beyonce, Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan, how can one person like all 3, I don't know but I do. I'm the most social and antisocial person you'll ever meet, which is so odd that I shoot weddings with 100+ people most weekends. I love taking pictures of the everyday, the good, bad and imperfect because life is just too damn short to risk forgetting it all.

Lots of Love to You,